You are looking for quietness ? You will appreciate La Vieille Balastière a lot. This pond was digged on the same line

as the Course Valley in a village called Recques-sur-course. This stretch of water is a former gravel extraction factory fed by

a subterranean sheet of water.

You have a passion for carp fishing. At La Vieille Balastière, you will certainly find what you are looking for. A plentiful population of your prefered cyprins is waiting for you. Moreover, it will be possible for you to cross swords with some white which are regular residents of this place and with one of our sturgeons. These fishes are carefully selected and they enjoy here  a favorable ecosystem for their growth.   Their fighting spirit and the beauty of their colours are remarkable.

If you wish to have good time at La Vieille Ballastière, you are welcome.   

SARL MISOL, 38 rue de la roche 62170 Recques sur course